What Is Clever?

Clever Marketplace is a decentralized marketplace for buying and selling a variety of items. The Clever Marketplace is driven by Clever Token transactions, fully integrating the Clever Token into the service to maintain utilization and relevancy. We utilize blockchain technology to store listing details, as well as proof of transaction and shipping tracking records (for dispute resolutions). The marketplace itself has a global reach (connecting buyers and sellers globally, like eBay) with a modern experience similar to Letgo.

The Marketplace will use its own token-based ecosystem for all transactions, backed by the secure and decentralized Ethereum network. Token holders may choose to "lock" their tokens in order to create "bays", which sellers lease in order to list their goods for sale. Bay owners are rewarded with a fee paid by the seller for the use of their bays. This approach allows everyone an opportunity to become a part of the platform and be rewarded for their investment.

We use secure Ethereum smart contracts to protect all parties while transacting.

How It Works

We are building our Marketplace around the core concepts behind cryptocurrency. The blockchain allows us to offer anonymous yet secure transactions, with services and processes in place to protect both buyers and sellers. The decentralized nature of the platform allows us to remove costly overhead, which means greatly reduced fees compared to the leading online markets.

Our registration process will be reduced to its simplest form, requiring no personally identifiable information from buyers. Registered users will be required to provide a valid email address for communication purposes from the Clever team, but that information will be securely stored in encrypted records, and not accessible by any other parties.

Transactions will be conducted using a secure escrow service powered by Smart Contracts. When purchasing an item, buyers will be provided with an address for payment, which will be issued in Clever's own cryptocurrency token, CLVR. Once payment is confirmed, the seller will be notified of the sale. The seller will have the ability to record shipping and other relevant details, which will be provided to the buyer and securely stored for later use, should any dispute arise. Once the buyer has received their purchase and is satisfied, they can release the escrow payment to the seller, and the transaction will be marked as complete.

In the event of any transaction disputes, records stored in the blockchain will provide the Clever team with the tools and information needed to resolve issues quickly and effectively. Our mediators will review all data captured on the transaction, communicate securely with both parties, and determine steps needed to resolve the dispute and finalize transactions. Records of each dispute will be securely stored, and any user involved in numerous disputes will have their account locked and investigated in order to protect other users.

Marketplace users will have the opportunity to be rewarded for holding tokens in the platform, by locking them into a process that will assign "bays" that sellers will lease from them in exchange for CLVR tokens. This allows all users to safely and easily invest in the platform and receive payment for simply leaving their tokens in the Marketplace. Those tokens can later be withdrawn, spent, or converted into additional bays, establishing a unique ecosystem by which everyone has the opportunity to profit — not just sellers.

Token Structure

Cost of 1 CLVR token:
0.0002 ETH
Term of token sale:
4 weeks with the possibility of an automatic early completion in pursuing the final goals of the ICO
Number of tokens available for sale:
Total Token Supply:
Adjustable emission:
All unsold and unallocated tokens will be destroyed and additional release of tokens will not be possible
Secured ways to purchase tokens:
Ethereum (ETH)

Budget Allocation


Purchase CLVR Tokens

The Clever ICO begins Friday, July 20, 2018 at 8:00 PM UTC and end Sunday, August 19, 2018 at 8:00 PM UTC. The total available token supply is 100 million, of which 80% will be reserved for platform investors and 20% will be reserved for the Clever team. If the ICO does not sell out, the number of tokens retained by the Clever team will be reduced to 20% of the total supply based on tokens sold. Remaining tokens will be burned.

1 ETH = 5,000 Clever (CLVR) tokens

(0.0002 ETH per 1 CLVR)

ICO Investment address: 0x347E451298778E02D2B0F0985C07AFf677ff7B05

To purchase CLVR, send your ETH contribution to the investment address above. Upon receipt of your payment, the smart contract will immediately issue your CLVR tokens to the address your payment was sent from.

To add the CLVR token to an Ethereum wallet, click on the appropriate link to add a custom token, and enter the following information:

Contract Address:

Bonus Token Schedule:

Budget Allocation:

It is recommended to send investments with a gas limit of 200,000 or higher. Transactions sent with a lower gas limit may fail. Excess gas fees will be refunded. We also recommend checking the ETH Gas Station (ethgasstation.info) to ensure your gas price (NOT the same as gas limit) is high enough for fast transaction confirmation.

Exchanges generally do not support Ethereum tokens at this time. It is advised that you do NOT send Ethereum from an exchange to the investment address above. For best results, we recommend web wallets such as MyEtherWallet, MetaMask, Mist, and Parity.